Bazarsazan Hezareh goals and services

The main objective of Bazarsazan Hezareh is providing services to effective presence of customers in the virtual world. For this purpose we use effective solutions and different tools to check your employment conditions.

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About Web Design

One of the most basic steps for you to participate in the virtual world is setting up a proper is necessary to have a proper updated website for online services and products and it is also easy to support with minimal cost.
After reviewing the job requirements and assess your competitors Bazarsazan Hezareh will design your website using following features:

Support Website

Our company will support designed website long term and always ready to provide new services and products to current customers you.

Use the newest methods of SEO in Web Design

SEO or website optimization is techniques that properly introduce your web site for search engines(like Google,bing,etc).design website based on this methods helps search engines to recognize your efforts and expertise to customers.
It is also done in all of these steps such as how to optimize your website and content creation, using the latest method.

Examples of websites designed by the company's market maker


Zibakade with fashion and beauty on the front page of most Google searches daily, 35,000 of lead searchers to Zybakdh that Zybakdh as cosmetics and fashion and beauty has made reference.

  •  Updated news for women
  •  The biggest Forums hair color
  •  FAQ sewing
  •  The most updated fashion
  •  And thousands of women's favorite subject


School social network, the most comprehensive virtual crowd in relation to schools from preschool to graduate school is specialized and valuable content and user experience, this media is very influential

  •  Compare schools
  •  Introductionschool facilities
  •  The psychology of children
  •  Advising students
  •  And thousands more worthy of schools

Online Store


Professional design and production company with the highest level of facilities and security for business professionals to sell things online, they think:

  •  Using latest graphical method
  •  Responsive
  •  Professional navigation users
  •  Various types of searching products
  •  A variety of sales tracking
  •  The last method online sales

Web-based Software

With the increasing development of internet products (cloud competing) and services, it needs to have more product management software with special features and capacity. Web based software gives you the ability to provide customers with the easiest ways full_time. Also developing web based software or cloud competing software is potential opportunity for your business to share your information to your customers. We will always with you by our experiences on web designing and developing web based software.

Internet Advertising

Effective advertising is the most basically part of every business to attract costomers.after website design our company will introduces you different type of effective online advertising to achieve a prosperous market.